Promises, tips, and guarantees 
No model is photoshopped.

Here at Threads Redeemed, we celebrate our natural beauty. This means that no model has been photoshopped.  Ever.  But because we want every person who models for us or makes a purchase to feel beautiful, we only post pictures that have been approved by the model - he or she must feel their best in the photos.

No size is the same. So you will know how it fits outside of the size. 

Historically, the definition of the numbers that come on clothes has changed.  What a size 2 was in the 50s is different from what it was in the 90s, and what it is now.  This means that just because an item is a size 2, does not mean it fits like a modern day 2.  To solve this issue, we model it on real people and/or give a detailed description of how it fits.  Because of this, clothing is not able to be filtered by size - because in thrifted and vintage clothes it is as it should be: a number doesn't matter. 

We only style it to give you an idea

We get it. Sometimes you see an item on the hanger and think, "What the...?" We also know that seeing an item on a hanger can spark endless creativity.  For this purpose, we create an outfit with it and show you what it is by itself on a hanger.  But, its your style - don't be like the rest!

Threads Redeemed - Model
Everything looks different on each person - and thats beautiful.

Just as different skin types glow when put with certain colors, different body types glow when clothed with a certain shape.  BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T ROCK IT!  If you love it, rock it with confidence and people will be too busy admiring you to criticize.   

We won't hide flaws from you.

You want to know what you are truly buying - and we won't lie to you.  Each item we sell is checked in store, when listing, and when modeling to ensure that we don't miss a thing when describing it to you.  This is why each item we sell is photographed in detail so you don't feel like we are hiding anything.

Threads Redeemed - Models
Threads Redeemed - Model