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Promises, tips, and guarantees 

TR Model
TR Model - Gina
TR Models
TR Model - Jaliah
TR Model - Allison

No model is photoshopped.

Here at Threads Redeemed, we celebrate our natural beauty. This means that no model has been photoshopped.  Ever.  But because we want every person who models for us or makes a purchase to feel beautiful, we only post pictures that have been approved by the model - he or she must feel their best in the photos.

Notice: Because of COVID, modeling clothes has been suspended and will be resumed when we feel it is safe. When we do, we will be clear about the protocols in place. 

No size is the same. So you will know how it fits outside of the size. 

Historically, the definition of the numbers that come on clothes has changed. What a size 2 was in the 1950s is different from what it was in the 1990s, and what it is now.  Clothes stretch out and shrink as they are worn and washed. This means that just because an item is a size 2 on the tag, does not mean it fits like a modern day 2.  To solve this issue, we model it on real people and/or give a detailed description of how it fits.  We also use a sizing chart when possible (shown below).

Because of this, clothing is not able to be filtered by size - because in thrifted and vintage clothes it is as it should be: a number doesn't matter. 

T-Shirt/Polo Size Guide:

Based on lay flat chest measurements (pit to pit):

xsmall: 15 - 16 7/8 inches

small: 17 - 18 7/8 inches

medium: 19 - 20 7/8 inches

large: 21 - 22 7/8 inches

xlarge:23 - 24 7/8 inches

xxlarge: 25 - 26 7/8 inches

xxxlarge: 27 - 28 7/8 inches

xxxxlarge: 29 - 30 7/8 inches

Threads Redeemed - Model

How is Threads Redeemed eco-friendly and waste free?

Shopping Bag with TR Smiley Logo Gif

As a vintage business, we have a goal of being waste free and earth minded. There are obstacles such as tags from thrift stores, shipping materials, marketing materials, etc. We are not perfect - we have made some mistakes, but we are committed to constantly learning and improving our practices. 


Here are the solutions we have committed to as a business:

  • All marketing materials printed with our new logos (earring holders, hanging tags, etc.) are printed on gloss-free 100% recycled paper. When you take off a tag, recycle (or compost) it. 

  • We are discontinuing our stickers - as much as we love providing stickers for your car or water bottle, the only way to be water and fade proof is to have a plastic covering on the sticker. We will continue to include stickers in our orders until we run out. 

  • We ship in 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Once you get your order, take off the shipping label then throw the kraft mailer in your recycling bin or rip it up and use it as compost. We get these materials from Ecoenclose

  • Our thank you notes are vintage cards sources at estate sales or yard sales! We also attempt to write on one side so that you can rip the front of the card off and reuse it. 

  • We no longer print business cards. We will use up the rest of what we have and will no longer print cards. We will explore having touch free cards in the future. 

  • We have ended our use of paper bags are markets. We encourage our customers to brings totes or large bags when shopping with us. While we initially thought using paper bags was better, we found they were still only being used once. So, bring a tote or buy a Naturally Dyed Bag at a discounted rate when shopping with us in person. 

  • We do our best to always clean and sanitize all products with non-toxic and fragrance free cleaners. 

Goals for the future of the business

  • Switch to recyclable shipping labels

  • Switch to algae ink to decrease toxins in stamped logo

Why AfterPay?

As a small and family run business, we admit to struggle to balance actively not allowing typical capitalist tendencies of businesses infiltrate our strategies, being able to fairly make a living for our family, and being customer first minded business.  We truly struggled with whether or not to add AfterPay as a payment option because we did not want to add to the pressure of buying. 


However, supporting small business can be difficult because of the price difference. We added AfterPay to assist with that difficulty. We hope that AfterPay will be a way for individuals and families to afford our small business rather than having to buy from fast fashion big businesses. If we have something you or someone you love loves (hello gift givers), we hope it is a small solution we can introduce that makes it easier for you the customer. 

**We currently do not employ outside of our two owners. When we do, we pledge to be open, honest, and fair in our payment, treatment, and expectations of our employees. 

We won't hide flaws from you.

You want to know what you are truly buying - and we won't lie to you.  Each item we sell is checked before buying, when listing, when modeling (if applicable), and at the time of customer purchase to ensure that we don't miss a thing when describing it to you.  This is why each item we sell is photographed in detail so you don't feel like we are hiding anything.

Every item is cleaned and sanitized. 

We get it, thrift stores, yard sales, etc. can be gross. We deal with the ick so you don't have to. Every item is cleaned, spot treated, and sanitized by our cleaners (i.e. the owners). We do our best to do so in an environment friendly way. We dry clean only when necessary (we are currently looking for an environment friendly cleaners). We also wash with non-toxic, earth and body friendly detergent - no perfumes or fragrance, harsh chemicals, or dyes.  This way when you buy an item from us, you can be confident it is clean and allergy friendly.

**On some necessary occasions, there are some stains that require further treatment such as bleach or items that contain bleach that are not as friendly. We do our best to ensure this is only when necessary. This is less than 5% of items we sell. 

Threads Redeemed - Models
Threads Redeemed - Model
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