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Tyler & Moriah - Owners of TR
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About Us

Who started Threads Redeemed?

Moriah, as a college student in central Florida.  She was and is extremely passionate about injustice and empowering people to boldly be themselves.  Through Threads Redeemed she has combined her hobbies and passions to create a way to shine a light on unseen beauty. Tyler, her husband, joined her in her passion and they now run Threads Redeemed together. Tyler heads up market events, inventory curation, and organization. Moriah heads up website, social media, and marketing and joins Tyler on curating trips and events when possible. 

How did you get into thrifting?

"I started out thrifting as a quick and cheap way to be creative.  It also became a way for me to be alone while living in the middle of a busy college campus.  I am very introverted so any time I could leave and recharge while doing something I loved, I would do it. I used to drag Tyler along while we were dating, but he quickly fell in love with it as well and he now is the brains behind so much of our business."

Moriah & Tyler - Owners of TR
Moriah & Tyler - Owners of TR

Why "Threads Redeemed?"

"There is something beautiful about taking a tossed away garment, and using it beautifully with a new purpose.  Thats what redemption is all about.  Regaining what was once lost.  The process of renewing something once rejected aligns with the Gospel so well - which is why I chose the word 'redeemed.'  Threads are what make up a garment, so I chose 'threads' because together they create beauty.  I chose 'Threads Redeemed' over 'Redeemed Threads' because it creates a deeper meaning.  'Redeemed' is no longer a past adjective, but a more present one - a current, stronger action."

Why does it matter?

"Redemption always matters.  Being true to oneself always matters.  You always matter. We don't look like replicas of each other, so why try to dress like one?  Through Threads Redeemed I want more than clothes to be repurposed, but people as well.  I hope that people realize they can simply dress as themselves - dress spunky or mild, bold or soft.  I hope their sense of pride and confidence in themselves is  emboldened and redeemed."

Why should we thrift or buy vintage instead of buy new?

"So many reasons: First, thrifting and buying vintage leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than buying new.  Local thrift stores often support those in need around the community as well as pay fairer wages than large factories. By buying from thrift stores (or shops like ours) you are not only supporting other small business, but also supporting business that treat employees fairer. Second, 13 million tons of textile waste goes to landfills every year.  By thrifting (and donating) your used clothes, that number decreases significantly. Third, vintage is just better - made better, styled better, designed better."

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What is one thing you want people to learn through Threads Redeemed?

"To love themselves.  That thrifting isn't gross or just for the underprivileged.  That clothes are a way to stand tall and be creative.  That they are beautiful.  Thats it - I want people to see beauty where they didn't before."

Where can we shop Threads Redeemed?

"You can always shop online! Or check us out in person - we keep our calendar and Instagram updated with where you can find us. Tyler travels anywhere from Miami to Las Angeles to Philadelphia for markets. We bring our vintage coast to coast!

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TR Model
TR Model
TR Model
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