College students all over the nation seem to have dreams bigger than themselves and passions for changing the world. As a business we love getting to meet those who use their small business for a mighty cause. Even more so, we love when clothes are a way to use one's voice.

We had the opportunity to hear from Skiipp Davenport on her Heart Over Hue movement to end racism. Something that she was passionate about grew into a ministry that is deeply impacting her college campus and beyond.

"I always like to tell people who I was before there was ever a Heart Over Hue so that they can fully grasp what God has done, and what He is doing. As a Black American girl, I never liked to engage in the topic of racism and discrimination. Due to the fact that not only is it an uncomfortable, sensitive topic, but I also hated the awkward stares of White peers whenever something of the nature would come up in class and people assumed I had something to say. Not to mention, I did not want to be looked at as, 'the girl who cried wolf' i.e another Black person pulling the race card.

It was not until my sophomore year of college when I begin to use my voice to the shine light on the topic of racism and discrimination. I had taken an African American literature course that changed my life forever. In the class, we read text from famous African American authors and poets and every text affected me greatly. I would leave class in tears, some of triumph, but most tears birthed from a heavy burden. As I read the text of the authors and poets I began to see that there was really no difference between their time period from centuries ago and ours when it came to racism and discrimination. Nothing had changed, just improved and looked a little different than it looked before. As a Black American female, yes I was hurt, but as a Christian, I was hurt more so. It hurt more that the Church was not speaking out about it, and speaking against it. It was as if the topic was too ugly to touch.

So I asked God what to do, and that was the birth of Heart Over Hue. I desperately wanted to encourage the world to see people for their heart and not judge people by their hue. In doing this, we allow someone’s character to speak before a stereotype or a prejudice thought does.

Heart Over Hue started as a hashtag on Instagram. I was not expecting it to snowball into what it has become today. However, one day I heard God tell me to go get a customized hat made. I did not think twice about it, I just obeyed. I’ve always loved fashion and unique styles, and thought getting Heart Over Hue on a hat would for sure draw questions and spark dialogue, and that is exactly what it did. With no intentions of selling anything or creating a ministry, the hat begin to grab attention from all over and the meaning behind it begin to grip hearts. If putting on a hat, t-shirt, sweat shirt, pin, etc. is a way I can share the love of Christ and make this world a better place, I’m always down."

Heart over Hue now not only sells hats, but now has shirts and pins that you can buy with the Heart Over Hue message! Learn more about them on their website! We love our gear and the message it portrays - stand with your brothers and sisters; their heart is more important than their hue.