Threads Redeemed Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is five days away!

And we know that shopping can be stressful. The lines, the stress.. so skip the stress and order online with Threads Redeemed.


Here are some gift ideas to help the last few days before Christmas be a little less stressful!


For the lovable, rambunctious niece or nephew in your life...

Your sister will love that her toddler can now play outside in the rain without ruining another pair of shoes. Check out our Kids Thrift for a limited time only!

For the coffee &

tea lover in your life...

We have a bounty of mugs in our Home/Office Collection for those in your life who can't get enough!

For the fashionista in your life...

We love our scarves and your friends and family will too! There are so many way stop wear them! We have a diversity of scarves in our Accessories Collection!

For that friend who can never have too many shoes...

We all have that friend that seems to have every shoe possible yet still doesn't have enough. Check out the shoes available in our store!

For that plant lover in your life...

We love creativity when it comes to plants! So we have glass vases that are perfect for a classy plant holder! If you want to get even more creative, check out a mug that would work as a perfect pot!