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As a small business, we stand by our fellow small businesses and artists. One way have done so is by sponsoring an artist that inspires us - Dames. So we partnered with him to create the best tour merch ever. 


Sustainability. Shopping, selling, and wearing vintage is one way we helped reduce unnecessary waste.  Dames said it best: "secondhand is more than just a resurgance of the past."


It's vintage, designed by a local artist, printed and embroidered by another small business all to rep a local artist. Dames handpicked each tee and pullover from our curated inventory just for you.


Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or buy the EP on iTunes. 

Support your local artists and small businesses.

Buy Dames and others' merch. 

Enjoy and rep with pride. 

Tell your friends and family.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Gina Lever, designer and TR model
Gina Lever, designer and TR model

an ingenious graphic designer who is an advocate for ethically made and sourced goods, a self-proclaimed tree hugger, a Dames music lover, and a TR model

Meet the Designer, Gina Lever

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